About Me

Hi. I’m not that artsy or that good with words. So here goes one pathetic attempt at expressing my creativity and feelings in ways other than violence. I am a sophomore in a yuppie liberal arts college who decided to commit emotional suicide by prescribing my self a toxic dose of organized athletics and a science major. I’m trying to figure out the whole life situation while also attempting to maintain my sanity.

I’m completely head over heels for my beautiful girlfriend (who happens to be my first post and probably the bulk of my posts) who is my world and I can’t fathom my life without her. Besides the fact that I basically live everyday without her because were 161 miles apart for the bulk of the year.

I hope I can actually keep up with this and keep posts updated. I’m trying a new outlet for my stress management and creative expression because my stress rash is getting bad and I’m not good at painting.